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Telling the truth about domestic violence – on Sky News’ Beattie & Reith
Way to go Bettina - Great to see this lady being given an uncompromized interview in this sea of dispair.
Stefan Molyneux Diversity & Tolerance Is Anti White Male Hatred & Racism
About IQ and its effect on the decline of civilization.
Perspectives: Karen Straughan (GWW) On Canada, Feminism, Immigration And More - The Thinking Ape
Arndt and Latham on Jones and Company
Sky Television really seems to be taking a stand for reasonable discussion.

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Is it any wonder why men are choosing not to marry these days? Can you imagine having a baby with someone that thinks the way these women do? China, Japan, and Germany are just a few of the countries with declining birth replacement rates and economies.
Clementine Ford
Zarna Joshi meets Hugh Mungous
Feminist Cringe Compilation - Hugh Mongous
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Feminist Triggered By A Man Coughing

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