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Gender Wars News
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This is a collection of links pertaining to the current situation with men in today's Western communities.
170528 Cassie Jaye: Why I Stopped Being a Feminist
161206 Save Us from Social Justice-Janice Fiamengo
161203 Arndt and Latham on Jones and Company
161028 Bettina Arndt — The Violent Gender Agenda
161026 Melbourne's Palace Cinemas cancel screenings of MRA documentary 'The Red Pill' after petition
161025 The Red Pill Movie is coming (to Australia)
161023 Respectful Relationships - An Open Letter to Victoria - Peach Bailie
161014 ...wherein a die-hard feminist vomits red pills everywhere…
161009 Research Shows ONLY MEN Pay Taxes
161008 Karen Straughan Lecture - Ogres, Onion & Men's Issues
161008 Adele & Feminist Dick Envy
161007 The Unisex University
161007 Janice Fiamengo Lecture: single-sex universities
160930 Don't Stick your dick in crazy - it’s the Pitts
160919 Judgy Bitch on Feminism
160916 Good Reasons to Marry
160915 Marriage, MGTOW, and Doom
160914 The Truth About Feminism
160909 Feminist Mass Hysteria
160907 Paul Elam on the Leykis show
160903 The Inexorable Either-Or Of Our Time
160903 My Name is Hugh - Gary Orsum
160902 Christina Hoff Sommers & Camille Paglia
160831 Milton Freidman best moments
160831 LesboFuhrer
160830 SJW Berates LYFT Driver

Great Livestreams

Gary's Guests #1
Gary's Guests #2
Honey Badger Radio
Feminists shut down documentary in the name of free speech

Other News

Underemployment phenomenon emerges with rise of part-time workforce
Financial abortion: Should men be able to 'opt out' of parenthood?