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Big Questions

The Pay Gap Myth!!!

Liz Wheeler
Stefan Molyneaux
Kate Andrews
Gail Kelly - Westpac CEO
Dr Warren Farrell
Dr Christina Hoff-Sommers #1
Dr Christina Hoff-Sommers #2
Amy Holmes @ 7:20
The Final Takedown of the wage gap myth
Warren Farrell Once Again Debunks The Ridiculousness Of The 'Gender Pay Gap'

Rape Culture & Domestic Violence

Caroline Kitchens
Mark Pearson's Story
Jian Ghomeshi
Mandi Gray
The Truth About Rape Culture
The Truth about Rape Stefan Molyneux
Sexual Assault Myths
Dear Megan Mackay - by Karen Straughan
Paul Elam on Domestic Violence & Gynocentrism
Bettina Arndt The Violent Gender Agenda

Misandry does Not exist. Yeah Right

Man Hating Isn't a Thing You Guys! by @PeachBalie
Milo Destroys Feminism

In the Media

Feminists Beating the Drum
Lying Journalists Manipulate the Public with Photos

Women in Society

Why Women Destroy Nations & Civilizations
Christina Hoff Sommers & Camille Paglia Talk

Letters to Women

What if Men Took a Day Off - Janet Bloomfield
A Message to Women - Paul Elam
Where did all the Good Men Go
Make Women Great Again - Stefan Molyneux
Women, We Need To Talk About Hillary Clinton
Feminism is Irrelevant

Patriarchy and Oppression

The Myth of Women's Oppression
The Psycology of Hate
Why Men are Giving up on Marriage